Hi I’m Mark Topp

I am the Pastor of The Storehouse Church and here’s a little information about me. 

Im in my mid 30’s I am married and have two boys. I am Passionate about my family, my faith and my community. I have been married for 12years to my incredible wife and have the amazing honour of being Daddy to my Boys. My Eldest hasn’t had it easy. He was poorly at birth and has complex learning needs and hidden disabilities and my  wife and I are not only his parents but his primary carers. My youngest son is mad about horses and loves playing in the garden he always keeps us on our toes. We love spending time together as a family.

I have been serving at the church for 13 years and have been The Pastor for the last 3 years. I am so thrilled that the church has had such a vital role in supporting DCK and now I am excited for the ongoing partnership it will forge with Community Share. It’s been part of my vision for church since I became the Pastor to connect the community and church together and I am excited to see this unfolding  before my eyes with Community Share. 

Once we get back to some sort of normality after COVID-19, I can’t wait to see the hopes and dreams of the founders come to life. I am so privileged to be able to join with the other founders and as a result of an emergency crisis, we have had the vision and determination to make a lasting positive impact on our community. 

Why not join us in putting people at the heart of our community?