Our Values


“Putting people at the heart of communities”

We invest in ourselves and our community to achieve growth and development for community share and its team  and everyone associated with us. Our culture is one of continuous improvement and personal growth. We enrich everyone’s lives and are always prepared to seize opportunities when they arise. Working together to support and enrich each others lives for the better. Support and share to give everyone the opportunity to go on and support others.


“We look to lead not follow”

We question the conventional approach, and challenge the status quo.  We are driven to search for a better way. We are excited by ingenuity and always looking to lead rather than follow. . Excellence is a habit not a goal, we welcome the challenge and go above and beyond the norm because it’s  who we are. We challenge what ‘the norm’ is and seek to improve and change situations for the better by thinking out of the box, looking for new ways forward.


“We check our actions against our values”

We don’t take our commitments lightly. We do everything within our powers to meet expectations. We own up to our mistakes , while doing the right thing always. Ownership of every step, honesty in all we do.


“Our commitments are long term”

Everything we do we commit to doing for the long run. We never commit to anything until we are sure that it can be sustained and in a professional manner.


“We are ethical in everything we do and develop”

Always looking for the most ethical ways to deliver our values. We try to be aware of all ethical issues that may occur and look to prevent them from the outset.


“Community Share welcomes everyone”

We value equality ,diversity , inclusion, and participation  for all.  We implement this through inclusive policies ,processes, practices and culture

We strive for excellence and recognize that our differences make us stronger.

We respect and seek out inclusion of differences, realizing we learn and develop from each one another. We insist on a culture inclusivity with  respect at our core , and recognize that words, behaviour and actions matter. We include all without any discriminations, we are here to help everyone in every part of the community and to help them help themselves and each other in turn.